CycleKnutsford is a local community group set up with the aim to keep Knutsford a cycle-friendly town. The group has grown quickly and now has over 301 members. There is no subscription fee, although we are grateful for a small voluntary annual donation.

CycleKnutsford’s hope is to make travelling around Knutsford safe on a bike for everyone, to enable healthy exercise and cost savings by not using the car and, not least, to encourage cyclists who perhaps are lacking confidence on the road.

If you wish to Get Involved, please consider becoming a member here.

If you need more information or have ideas or feedback that you would like the committee to consider, send an e-mail to chairman@cycleknutsford.org.uk

Committee Members


Susan Russell

I have been the CycleKnutsford chairlady since 2018, and have a passion for cycling. I love cycling around Knutsford and I think everyone should have the freedom to do it!


Roger Turner

I love cycling so much, that I completed a 100-mile-cycle on a Penny Farthing!

Membership Secretary


I love the Cycling ethos together with health and environmental benefits so setup an ebike hire business in Knutsford.

In order to encourage more people to cycle instead of drive, the local facilities need to be safer and significantly improved so I joined CycleKnutsford to try to make a difference.  

Committee Member

Andrew Malloy

I’ve owned a bike pretty much since I could walk and am keen to see more people enjoy the joys of cycling. As a Town Councillor I have long supported enhanced cycling infrastructure, and when Mayor even cycled 100 miles around Cheshire East. 

Committee Member

Scott Lowe

One of the reasons I became a Knutsford town councillor was to try and make it safer for people to walk and cycle in the town which is increasingly dominated by cars. I want children to be able to walk and cycle independently like in many Nordic countries. I think this will involve 2 main things. 1. 20 is plenty which is a proven theory which lowers the speed limit in our communities to 20mph which lowers deaths and emissions and makes people feel safer travelling outside of a car. Secondly we need to invest is segregated cycle and walking paths and making junctions and pavements safer.

Committee Member

Thomas Maddocks

Committee Member

Paul Thomson


My name’s Paul. I have cycled very regularly for over 40 years as it is my main means of transport and is also an important recreation. I have been a member of and active in a number of cycle campaign groups

For ten years I  was training primary school school children Bikeability skills to level 2. I was also a ride leader and route planner for Sky Rides. I am currently a member of the CycleKnutsford Committee without a portfolio and am treasurer of the South Manchester Cyclists Touring Club.

Committee Member

Margret Ellis


I’m known as #grannymutti as I am so so lucky to have been granted the gift of not one but two grandchildren in 2021. I am a social cyclist and keen to be able to accompany my children and grandchildren on family cycle trips around Knutsford and surrounding areas.

I am also passionate about careful driving, reducing speed limits and ensuring roads are safe places for all of us.

Knutsford is a unique market town with narrow streets and pavements with immediate access to Tatton Park.

Let’s protect our community.

M x

Website Maintenance

Sebastian Russell

I’m a local from Knutsford, and used to cycle to school. I want to help make the roads better for cyclists in knutsford. I cycled from Kent to Bruges, where 90% of the route was on cycle paths.


We are looking for some people to help with Cycle Knutsford. It is a volunteering role. Please get in touch if you love cycling, and want to improve it in Knutsford.

  • Vice Chairman
  • Someone to record minutes