Where are you based?

Knutsford and surrounding areas!

How can I contact your organisation?

Please email membership@cycleknutsford.org.uk or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

What level of cyclist do I need to be to join?

All levels are welcome!

Is there a joining fee?

Joining is free, however donations are welcome! We recommend £10 a year. You can donate through our website: Donate!

Why should I join Cycle Knutsford?

The bigger our community group, the more impact we will have on influencing the cycling around Knutsford for the better. One example is communicating with house builders to ensure they have cycle infrastructure in their new housing development.

How many members do you have?

There are over 300 members, who are part of our cycling community.

Where is your GDPR information?

You can find information relating to our GDPR policy by following this link: GDPR.